Today we will analyze the stock ALBATRON TECHNOLOG TWD10 (5386.TWO) for internet stock trading in the TWO stock market,
Stock Technical indicators to notice in ALBATRON TECHNOLOG TWD10 (5386.TWO)
1- Last bearish trend was from 24.85 $ (2/19/2014) to 23.15 $ (2/21/2014) a 1.70 $ move 2- The current bullish trend started from 23.15 $ at 2/21/2014 and is currently trading at 25.60 $.
3- 5386.TWO current support level is at 25.31 which is the 127.20 % fibonacci retracement of the last 1.70 $ move.
4- 5386.TWO current resistance level is at 25.90 which is the 161.80 % fibonacci retracement of the last 1.70 $ move.
5- According to ADX Indicator, the trend is currently bullish, which is getting stronger.furthermore, the ADX indicator location between DMI+ and DMI- is hinting on a strong move ahead. the stock is very volatile at this point.
ALBATRON TECHNOLOG TWD10 (5386.TWO) Short term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :

6- The Stock formed Double Bottom Pattern at 23.150 .
ALBATRON TECHNOLOG TWD10 (5386.TWO) Mid term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :

7- The Stock formed Double Top Pattern at 24.850 that failed, and formed a support .
8- The Stock was supported by a support line, identified by two points: 23.150 and 22.850, and is currently supporting at 23.480.
ALBATRON TECHNOLOG TWD10 (5386.TWO) Long term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :


Stock Trading Conclusion:
ALBATRON TECHNOLOG TWD10 (5386.TWO) was trading in a bullish wave, which is becoming stronger .
Technical indicators and stock chart patterns show highly volatile movements favoriting bullish direction,
recommend stopping short positions or entering long position or bullish spread options strategy in online trading , because of the high expected future volatility, consider constructing symmetrical options strategies for buying volatility through strangles or straddles in online trading. .

Stock Resistance Levels : 25.90.
Stock Support levels : 25.31, 25.02, 24.87, 24.85, 24.66, 24.38, 24.20, 24.09, 24.00, 23.80, 23.55, 23.48, 23.15,.