Today we will analyze the index NYSE World Leaders (NWL) for internet stock trading in the INDICES stock market,
Stock Technical indicators to notice in NYSE World Leaders (NWL)
1- Last bearish trend was from 5,504.31 $ (11/5/2010) to 5,187.20 $ (11/30/2010) a 317.11 $ move 2- The current bullish trend started from 5,187.20 $ at 11/30/2010 and is currently trading at 5,840.98 $.
3- According to ADX Indicator, the trend is currently bearish,which is becoming weaker.
NYSE World Leaders (NWL) Short term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :

4- The Index traded in a bullish stock channel identifed by support at 5,187.200 and 4,747.460,resistance between 5,504.310 and 5,122.650, the stock channel is currently supported from below by 5,599.879 and resisted from above by 5,964.726.
NYSE World Leaders (NWL) Mid term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :

5- The Index was supported by a support line, identified by two points: 4,747.460 and 4,567.010, and is currently supporting at 5,345.795.
NYSE World Leaders (NWL) Long term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :


Stock Trading Conclusion:
NYSE World Leaders (NWL) was trading in a bearish wave, which is becoming weaker .
Technical indicators and stock chart patterns show no favorited direction,
recommend hold or waiting for entry .

Stock Resistance Levels : .
Stock Support levels : 5,686.69, 5,591.24, 5,514.09, 5,436.94, 5,345.79,.