Today we will analyze the stock WALTER MEIER N -A- (WMN.SW) for internet stock trading in the SW stock market,
Stock Technical indicators to notice in WALTER MEIER N -A- (WMN.SW)
1- Last bullish trend was from 57.00 $ (2/17/2014) to 65.50 $ (2/28/2014) a 8.50 $ move 2- The current bearish trend started from 65.50 $ at 2/28/2014 and is currently trading at 62.50 $.
3- WMN.SW current support level is at 62.25 which is the 38.20 % fibonacci retracement of the last 8.50 $ move.
4- WMN.SW current resistance level is at 63.49 which is the 23.60 % fibonacci retracement of the last 8.50 $ move.
5- According to ADX Indicator, the trend is currently bullish,which is becoming weaker.furthermore, the ADX indicator location between DMI+ and DMI- is hinting on a strong move ahead. the stock is very volatile at this point.
WALTER MEIER N -A- (WMN.SW) Short term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :

WALTER MEIER N -A- (WMN.SW) Mid term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :

6- The Stock formed Double Bottom Pattern at 54.000 .
7- The Stock formed a 7.050 $ height triangle which was broken up at 58.200 in higher than usual volume, target of the pattern is 65.250.
WALTER MEIER N -A- (WMN.SW) Long term stock chart patterns for internet stock trading :

8- The Stock was supported by a support line, identified by two points: 53.900 and 46.350, and is currently supporting at 58.933.

Stock Trading Conclusion:
WALTER MEIER N -A- (WMN.SW) was trading in a bullish wave, which is becoming weaker .
Technical indicators and stock chart patterns show highly volatile movements favoriting bullish direction,
recommend stopping short positions or entering long position or bullish spread options strategy in online trading , because of the high expected future volatility, consider constructing symmetrical options strategies for buying volatility through strangles or straddles in online trading. .

Stock Resistance Levels : 63.21, 63.49, 63.65, 64.00, 64.35, 65.25, 65.50,.
Stock Support levels : 62.25, 61.25, 60.25, 58.93, 57.00, 54.69, 54.52, 54.36,.